How to edit clips

audacityHere are the methods for splitting and joining adjacent clips.

Splitting clips and using fades

If you've recorded a vinyl album for example you will need to trim the audio clips removing spare audio at the beginning of the recording, and adding splits between the separate tracks.

  • To split clips, place the cursor where you want the split to occur and click CMD+I
  • To join two adjacent clips select the area either side of the cut and click CMD+J.

At the end of a clip, I often use the Studio Fade Out to give a slightly more pleasing fade out, instead of the standard linear fade. For fade ins you can apply the fade multiple times to give the fade more of a curve, I've found 3 times works well.

  1. To apply fade in, select the audio to process and go to Effect > Fading > Fade in.
  2. Press CMD+R to repeat the Fade in a couple of times.
  3. To apply fade out, select the audio, and go to Effect > Fading > Studio Fade Out.


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