Portable Apps version of ClamWin

clamwinIn recent years, ClamWin has fallen behind ClamAV and isn't being upgraded as often. As a result it is using an older AV engine that is no longer supported. This article describes how to get a more recent engine using Portable Apps.


  1. Log on to your Windows machine with your user account.
  2. Browse to https://portableapps.com/apps/security
  3. Click ClamWin Portable.
  4. Click the green Download from PortableApps.com button.
  5. Run the downloaded .exe file.
  6. Select Run ClamWin Portable.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Click Yes to download the Virus Definitions Database.
  9. Click Close once the download is finished.

After a few minutes ClamWin Portable will be installed with the latest virus definitions and you can scan any part of your computer by selecting a drive or a folder within and clicking Scan.

IMPORTANT: Note that the way that Portable Apps works, will mean that this is only installed for the current user.


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