Applying sepia toning

gimpThere are probably many different ways to achieve a sepia tone. This article describes a procedure that I found to work nicely.


Start by opening your image in GIMP.

  1. Go to Colours > Desaturate.
  2. Preview the three options and choose the one that maintains the best contrast.

Sepia colour

Change the foreground colour to the following red, green and blue values.

  • Red = 162
  • Green = 138
  • Blue = 101


New Layer

  1. Add a new layer, using the foreground as the colour. Call it Sepia mask.
  2. Right-click the newly created layer and choose Add layer mask.
    1. Select White (full opacity)
    2. Click Add.
  3. Select the Layer with your BW image.
    1. Click Ctrl + A
    2. Click Ctrl + C
  4. Select the Sepia mask layer
    1. Click Ctrl + V
    2. Click the Anchor to apply the pasted content to the layer mask.
    3. Choose Colour > Invert.
  5. Change this layer's blending mode from Normal to Colour.



Finally you might choose to add a decorative border.

  1. Flatten your image by merging down the top layer.
  2. Go to Filters > Decor > Fuzzy border...
  3. Deselect Work on copy.
  4. Click OK.

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