Getting started with HandBrake

handbrakeHandBrake allows you to turn your DVD collection into video files that you can store on your iPod.  The articles here show you how to get started.

Installing HandBrake on Mac OSX

Here are the installation steps.

  1. Visit the HandBrake download section.
  2. Download the appropriate version for your desktop.
  3. Double-click the .dmg file and copy the contents into your Applications folder.
  4. You might want to drag the HandBrake application to your Dock for easy access.


Your first DVD recording

  1. Insert your DVD.
  2. Close the DVD player if it loads automatically.
  3. Click the HandBrake icon in your Dock.
  4. In the Open Dialog box that appears choose the DVD, and click Open.
  5. Install VLC (from the link given) if you haven't got it already.
  6. HandBrake will now scan the DVD.
  7. In the Destination section enter the name of the film.
  8. Click Start.


Depending on how long the film is, and how powerful your Mac is, HandBrake will now take some time to create the video file.


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