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Pasting Rasterized Images

inkscapeInkscape on Mac OSX 10.7 has an isssue when you try to copy and paste vector objects. It might not be immediately apparent, but when you paste the object, it becomes rasterized. Rasterizing means that it becomes a bitmap, and is no longer scalable. This article describes the fix.

X11 Preferences

Note that Inkscape requires Apple's X11. When Inkscape is running, you will notice that X11 appears on the main toolbar at the top of the desktop.

  1. Start the Inkscape application.
  2. Go to X11 > Preferences (or press Command + ,).
  3. Select the Pasteboard tab.
  4. Deselect Update Pasteboard when CLIPBOARD changes.

You might need to restart Inkscape, but the pasting issue is now fixed.


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