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How to create a default document

If you find that you are making the same changes to your documents before you get started with your artwork, this article will describe how you can create a default document with all the settings pre configured.

Create a template

Start by creating a blank document with all the settings that you prefer. Here are some settings that I make:

  • Document Preferences: Set the image size to 100 x 100 px, for logo design.

Once you've made all the settings that you want, you need to save this as a default template.

  1. Go to File > Save Template...
    1. Name: Give your template a meaningful name (e.g. Logo design).
    2. Author: Enter your name.
    3. Set as default template: Check this box.
  2. Click Save.

Next time you create a new document, you will be able to get straight on with the design work.

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