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How to create skewed text

inkscapeWhen creating icons for use in network diagrams, I sometimes use orthographic images that need text descriptions that are at an angle. This article describes how to do it using Inkscape.

Example switch image

For this article I will create the following image. The text is skewed and rotated.


  1. Start by adding some text using the Text edit tool (T) (e.g. Internal)
  2. Use the Select and transform objects (S) tool to select the newly created text object.
  3. Go to the Object > Transform menu item, to show the Transform dialog box.
  4. Select the Skew tab in the Transform dialog box.
  5. Enter a plus or minus value for the Horizontal skew (e.g. approx 30 degrees), and click Apply.
  6. Select the Rotate tab, and enter the same angle value, checking that the text object lines up with the edge of the switch image.

You can now select this text using the Text edit took, and change the name of this switch.


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