Changing the default font

LibreOfficeThe default font in Writer is Arial.  This article shows you how to change that.


Changing defaults

You can set the default font in Tools > Options > Text Document > Basic Fonts, but that doesn't change the size of the font.

To change the size of the default font as well as the font itself, make the change in the default paragraph style. Then make the document into a template and set it as the default template.

Here's how to do all this:

  1. Open a blank document.
  2. (Optional) Use Tools > Options > Text Document > Basic Fonts. Select the font from the drop-down lists. Click OK to save.
  3. Press F11 to open the Styles and Formatting window. Click the Paragraph Styles icon. Right-click on Default and choose Modify. On the Font tab, set the required typeface and size. Click OK to save.
  4. To save this document as a template, use File > Templates > Save. Give the template a name and save it in the Default folder. (You can put it anywhere you like, but that makes it easy to find again.) Click OK.
  5. To make this template the default template, use File > Templates > Organize. Select the template you just created, then click Commands > Set As Default Template.

Now any text documents you create with File > New (or the New icon) will have the typeface and size you want.

You can also set margins, spacing, paragraph spacing, printer setup in the default template.

If you want different default fonts or sizes for different types of documents, you can set up several templates and use File > New > Templates and Documents (instead of File > New) to choose one when starting a new document.

This article was taken from the very useful Open Office wiki.


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