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What is the 180o shutter rule?

CamcorderThis is the principle that shutter speeds should be twice as fast as the framerate. The PAL framerate is 25fps, therefore your shutter speed should be approx 1/50. If your shutter speed is much faster, motion blur is much reduced and it doesn't look natural. If your shutter speed is slower, motion blur is increased. This article describes the process for getting exposure right in video recording.

Exposure settings

To affect the exposure, you need to correctly adjust three key settings, ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed.


Aperture can be fixed on a video camera, especially with budget drones.

Shutter speed

The shutter speed is fixed based on the 180o shutter rule (i.e. for PAL it will be 1/50)


ISO represents the sensitivity of the sensor to light. Choose the lowest setting for the highest quality. Start with 100, and increase to 200, 400, for lower light conditions.

ND filters

When the lighting is too bright, even with your ISO set at 100, you will need ND filters.

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