Why was this site developed?

helpThis website has been a long time in development, and I thought you might be interested to know how it came about!

In the beginning

I spent years reading and taking notes on how to save schools £10,000s by doing IT right.  I found that many of the tasks that I undertook were pretty straight-forward!

The information contained on this site started out as various folders full of text documents, spreadsheets, databases and slideshow presentations, all describing different methods of completing these tasks.

I needed a new system that would help me keep track of all this information.

So I started to develop a website as a way of pulling all that knowledge together, in a way that was going to be accessible and searchable for me and my colleagues.


What's next?

I figured if we found it useful, you might too, so I decided to make my writing more generic in style (no passwords etc) and to make the site open to anyone.

I've still got a lot to write about, and I'm steadily getting through it.  Of course I'll never be finished because IT changes so quickly, but I'm determined to try and stay ahead.


Thanks for visiting.