What is meant by the term "cloud computing"?

glossaryCloud computing is a fairly recent terminology and a great buzzword in education, but what does it mean?

What is cloud computing

There have in fact been various meanings attributed to "cloud computing".

  1. Cloud computing can mean multiple computer processors acting on the same task (think render farms here).
  2. VMware have even started referring to their product range as being "in the cloud".
  3. More recently it's come to mean simply performing a task on the internet instead of using your desktop.


Some excellent examples of this last variety include...

  • Office applications
  • Digital image editing
  • Online storage
  • Email services
  • Virtual desktops


What are the implications?

There are various advantages to these kind of services, which means that they are definitely worth investigating, including the following:

  • Cost savings
  • Easy access
  • Platform independance
  • Zero or low maintenance


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