Definition of Web Hosting

glossaryWeb hosting is a service for delivering web pages to an internet browser.  In this article we'll look at the different options.


Web hosting options

There are essentially two ways to get web-hosting up and running.


Pay a subscription

Paying a subscription to a web-hosting provider is the quickest and easiest way to get started. 

If you don't already have hosting, Siteground offer excellent value and service.


Web host providers have the key advantage of being connected to the internet, so all your web pages will be visible to the world wide web.


You can be confident that the provider has security and backup procedures in place.

There are varying levels of service, including:

  • Using a shared area on a web host.
  • Having your own individual server (more expensive).


Build your own host

Assuming you have your own tin, or better still a virtual environment, you can build your own web host.  I recommend trying an Ubuntu LAMP web host.


Having your own web server is great for situations where you don't want to publish on the world wide web (eg. you've got sensitive data that needs to stay out of the public domain).


Having your own in-house web server means your browsers get a very fast response, and you don't have any ISP bandwidth problems (all the traffic stays on your own network).


Which solution is best?

The choice is yours...

  • If you need to be connected to the world wide web, buy a subscription service.
  • If you need security and speed, build your own.

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