What is a CMS?

glossaryA CMS is a TLA which stands for Content Management System.

What's a TLA I hear you ask? Its a three-letter-acronym which stands for three-letter-acronym!

The content in this case is made up predominantly of website articles which can then be stored in a searchable structured database and subsequently dynamically delivered via a browser to your screen!

There are many different CMSs to choose from, but I specialise in Joomla.

A CMS is the culmination of many web 2.0 technologies

It delivers a dynamic database-driven website, enabling you to manage content of any kind giving the widest access for all your users.

Perhaps a good example of a CMS is a social network site like Facebook where the content is produced by users entering their own personal details etc and the content is brought together (managed) in hopefully an interesting way that members find useful.


Web 2.0 and Open Source

The School IT Expert advocates the use of open source products, and in particular Joomla - the Web-based Framework for content management systems.


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