How to install ClarkConnect 4.3

clarkConnectFor this article we are going to create a ClarkConnect vm, which makes the finished solution more portable, and easier to backup/replicate.  Note that you will typically need two NICs on the vm host in order that internal workstations can only access the internet via the ClarkConnect server.

VM setup

  1. Version:  Other 2.6.x Linux (64-bit).
  2. 384 MB memory.
  3. Hard drive 3GB.
  4. 2 nics, one bridged the other joined to internal only network.



To get started boot machine up to ClarkConnect CD / ISO file

  1. Type linux on the welcome screen and press Enter.
  2. Choose Language.
  3. Choose Keyboard.
  4. Choose Installation method (typically CDRom).
  5. Click OK to delete all hard drives in this machine.
  6. Choose Gateway Mode.
  7. Select Internet Connection Type - typically ethernet.
  8. Specify Internet IP address, leave on default of Dynamic.
  9. Specify Internal IP address,, netmask
  10. Enter a hostname and domain (eg gateway, yourdomain.local).
  11. Choose a timezone.
  12. Enter a root/system password.
  13. Use default partitioning scheme.
  14. Choose ClarkConnect modules (eg DHCP and Caching DNS Servers, Bandwidth Manager, Web Proxy Server, Content Filter Server, Server Antivirus).
  15. Are you sure?  Click Done.
  16. Installation takes about 20 mins.
  17. On completion, reboot.


Label The Server

It's definitely a good idea to label the separate NICs (eg internal and external) on the server for ease of installation.



Here are some of the configurations that will help you get started.


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