What is the LAN backup and restore module?

clarkConnectLAN backup and restore is the ClarkConnect implementation of Bacula.

This module allows you to backup data on your Clark Connect server and any other servers or workstations on your LAN.  In this article we discuss how to configure this module using the ClarkConnect web interface.

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You can back up to various media (eg. tapes, CDs and DVDs), but for this article I'll be using hard drives.

  1. Install at least one separate hard drive to create backup storage.
  2. Install the LAN backup/recovery module.



Configuration is carried out from the Software > LAN backup/recovery screen.

  1. Click on Start Daemons now button (this will typically take a few seconds).
  2. Under Server Status click configure and set all services to auto-start on boot.
  3. On the Summary page enter an admin email address and click "update".
  4. Advanced Configuration > Configure Storage:  Add the newly installed hard drives.
  5. Advanced Configuration > General Configuration:  Change Director Daemon Settings: Address to FQDN (eg. gateway.yourdomain.local or
  6. Advanced Configuration > Configure Schedule:  Add a new schedule (eg Monthly:  Full > First of every month 00:10, Incremental > Daily except first day of the month 00:10, Incremental > Daily except first day of the month 12:10).
  7. Advanced Configuration > Configure Filesets:  Add a new File Set (eg Flexshares include /var/flexshare directory).
  8. Advanced Configuration > Configure Pools:  Add a new Pool (eg 6Months, Backup, Recycle > Yes, Auto Prune > Yes, Volume Retention > 6 Months, Maximum Jobs > 1, Label Format > 6Months-).
  9. Advanced Configuration > Configure Jobs:  Add a new Job (eg BackupFlexshare, Backup Level > Full, Client > Server-fd, File Set > Flexshares, Schedule > Monthly, Storage Device > BackupDrive, Pool > 6Months).


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