Installation Wizard for ClearOS 5.1

clearosNow that you've installed ClearOS you can log on to the server for the first time.  You will be presented with the installation wizard which will allow you to make some initial settings.


You will need a workstation connected to the internal side of the ClearOS server.  Initially your ClearOS server isn't configured for DHCP so you will need to manually set the IP address for your workstation (eg address, mask


Initial configuration wizard

  1. Browse to (you will need to add the security certificate as an exception).
  2. Logon with username root and the password you set.
  3. There now follows an installation wizard.
    1. Choose Language, click Next.
    2. Edit IP address settings if you need to and click Next.
    3. Skip Registration for now.
    4. Choose your Time Zone and click Next.
    5. Enter your Domain name (eg yourdomain.local), click Next.
    6. Enter your Organization (school) details (eg system.yourdomain.local).
    7. Click Continue configuring your system. (add security certificate again).


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