Web Server module for ClearOS

clearosThe web server services on your ClearOS machine allow you to deliver web applications that are only visible to your internal network.  This article will show you how to turn your ClearOS server into a Web Server.

Install the modules

There are a few modules that you will need to install, in order to have a fully featured web server.

  1. Log on to the ClearOS web interface with an admin account.
  2. Go to ClearCenter > Software Modulesand select the following for installation.
    1. MySQL Database Server Module
    2. PHP Module
    3. Web Log File Analyzer Module
    4. Web Server Module
  3. Click Go and then confirm to start the install process.
  4. You can go to ClearCenter > Software Modules to check the install progress.


Start the services

You will now need to start the following services (you may also configure them to automatically start on boot).

  1. Server > Web > Web Server
  2. Server > Database > MySQL (make sure you also create a new MySQL password)


Note that you can access phpMyAdmin by visiting Server > Database > MySQL and clicking Go.



Now that your web server is up and running, you can install Webmin.  Note that you'll need to follow the Redhat procedure, and you won't need to install wget as ClearOS comes with wget installed.


Check your Web Server

Now you can browse to and see the congratulations screen.  With your own web server up and running, you are free to install any of the following...

 ... and many more!


Thanks for visiting.