How to install ClearOS 7

clearosWe will create a ClearOS vm, which makes the finished solution more portable, and easier to backup/replicate. Note that you will typically need 2 NICs on the vm host in order that your ClearOS server can sit between your internal network and the internet.

VM setup (proxmox)

  1. Create a KVM virtual machine, with the following parameters.
  2. ID: 201
  3. Name: gw
  4. OS: Linux Linux 4.X/3.X/2.6 Kernel.
  5. CD/DVD: Select the ClearOS ISO file.
  6. Hard drive: 32GB
  7. Memory: 1024-2048
  8. Bridge: vmbr0
  9. Click Create.



To get started boot machine up to ClearOS DVD or use the ISO file.

  1. Hit Enter to get started.
  2. Choose Language.
  3. Choose Keyboard.
  4. On the Installation Summary screen, make the following selections.
    1. Installation Destination: Delete all existing partitions, and select Automatically configure partitioning.
    2. Network and Host Name:
      1. For the NIC that is external (test by unplugging the cables), switch it on using the toggle.
      2. Host Name: Enter gw.local
    3. Check Date & Time and enable Network time.
  5. Choose Installation source (typically Local Media).
  6. Click Begin installation (typically might take several minutes)
  7. Set the Root Password, while you are waiting.
  8. Click Reboot and remove the DVD when it ejects


Label the server

It's definitely a good idea to label the separate NICs (ie internal and external) on the physical server for ease of installation.


Installation Wizard

You are now ready to log on for the first time, and go through the installation Wizard.


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