Content filtering without proxy servers

clearosThe Gateway Management app blocks content and protects your network from attackers. It is a replacement for the Content Filter and Web Proxy services.

Marketplace install

Start by installing the application.

  1. Log on to your ClearOS web interface, with an admin account.
  2. Select Marketplace.
  3. Search for Gateway Management Community in the Gateway category.
  4. Select for Install.
  5. Click the Install Selected Apps button.
  6. Click Download and install.

This might take a few minutes, after which you can click the Update Navigation Menus button.


Enabling the app

Once the Gateway Management Community app is installed you'll need to activate it.

  1. Go to Gateway > Content Filter and Proxy > Content Filter Engine.
    1. Stop Content Filtering (if started).
  2. Go to Gateway > Content Filter and Proxy > Web Proxy Server.
    1. Stop Web Proxy server (if started).
  3. Go to Gateway > Filtering > Gateway Management Community.
  4. Select the Enabled checkbox.
  5. Leave the Block Page IP at the default setting of
  6. Click the Update button to activate your instance.

 Now you can click the Log in to the dashboard button and you should see your newly added location.


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