What is Docker Hub?

dockerDocker Hub is the official public registry managed by Docker Inc. A registry is a home for repositories, which in turn house images. This article describes how to get started with Docker Hub.

Create an account

We will start by creating a user account.

  1. Browse to https://hub.docker.com.
  2. Complete the registration form and sign up to Docker Hub.
  3. You'll receive an email with a verification link.
  4. Now you can click the Sign in link (top-right) and login to your Docker account.


Logging on to your account

Now that you have a Docker Hub user account, you can login with the following command:

$ sudo docker login
Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub. If you don't have a Docker ID, head over to https://hub.docker.com to create one.
Username: stevenpryer
Login Succeeded

 This will store your credentials in $HOME/.docker/config.json on the local Docker host.

You can logout as follows:

$ sudo docker logout


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