What are docker images?

dockerDocker images are similar to ISO files. They are read-only and are used to seed a container. Images can also be layered one on top of another, each one overwriting the one beneath. The bottom image is known as the base image, and the top image becomes the only one that is writable. This article describes some image commands.

Images location

You can check the location of docker files by running the following:

$ sudo docker info

Check the entry at Docker Root Dir. On a default linux docker host, images are located at /var/lib/docker, but on Ubuntu Snap this directory is /var/snap/docker/common/var-lib-docker.


Display all images

This command will display all images on your Docker host:

docker images -a


Searching Docker Hub

You can search Docker Hub for images. This command will search for images with fog in the title or description:

$ sudo docker search fog


Dangling images

This command will show any images that have been left dangling:

docker images -f dangling=true


Remove images

This command will delete single or multiple images. You can use either the name or the ID.

docker rmi imagename01 imageID01


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