Deploying snapins to your workstations

fog InstallRite from Epsilon Squared is a separate windows application that's used for creating Snapins.  Here's how it works...


  1. First you need to download the free software icon InstallRite 25 (4.88 MB).
  2. Run the downloaded file on your Windows XP machine.
  3. Click Next on the first screen.
  4. Click Next again and Yes to agree to the terms.
  5. Click Next and then Next again to choose the default install location.
  6. Choose a Custom setup, and leave the Help Files and Sample Databases.
  7. Keep the default name.
  8. Remove InstallRite from the Startup Folder and click Finish.


Creating your first Install Kit (Snapin) for Fog

  1. Prepare your setup.exe file but don't click it just yet.
  2. At this stage it's probably not a bad idea to start with an empty recycle bin, so that the files you delete only relate to this particular installation.
  3. Go to Start > All Programs > InstallRite 2.5 > InstallRite
  4. Click No to the offer of startup help, to get to the main screen.
  5. Click Install new software and create an Install Kit.
  6. Click Next and Next again to start the initial scanning of your system.
  7. Browse to your .exe file and click Install to start the installation.
  8. Once your application is installed you'll return to InstallRite...
  9. Click Next to record the changes that your application created.
  10. Enter a name of your application.
  11. Click Build Install Kit.
  12. Select Quiet Installation Mode, Never reboot, even if needed, and leave Never prompt the user and only overwrite older files selected.
  13. Click OK and it will build your Snapin.
  14. Click Finish.


Uploading the Snapin to your FOG server

  1. Browse to your FOG server (ie
  2. Select the Snapin Management screen.
  3. Click New Snapin from the menu on the left.


Allocating Snapins to host machines

  1. Browse to your FOG server (ie
  2. Select the Host Management screen.
  3. Search for and select a host and click on the Edit button.
  4. Scroll down to the snapin section.
  5. Select the snapin you just created from the drop-down box and click the Add Snapin button.

The next time you image the computer the FOG Service will attempt to install that snapin. If you have problems, you can investigate the fog log file located at c:\fog.log on the client PC.