Using Fog to join workstations to your domain

fogOnce your workstations are imaged, it might be useful to automatically join them to your domain.  This article shows you how to configure your hosts to join your Active Directory Domain.

Initial preparation

If your workstation is already joined to the domain, you may want to delete the entry from Active Directory.



FOGCrypt is a FOG utility that encrypts your Domain Admin account password.  You need an encrypted password to complete the Active Directory configuration.

  1. Grab your copy of the fog_x.xx.tar.gz file.
  2. Using 7-Zip, extract the .tar file.
  3. Using 7-Zip, extract the fog_x.xx directory.
  4. Choose Start > Run, and type cmd.
  5. In the Command Prompt, browse to the FOGCrypt directory that you just extracted.
  6. Type FOGCrypt.exe yourPassword > encryptedPassword.txt and press return.
  7. Open the newly created encryptedPassword.txt.
  8. The Output: field is your encrypted password.


Active Directory Configuration

You configure FOG using the web interface.

  1. Browse to https://your_fog_server_ip/fog/management.
  2. Login...
  3. Go to the Host Management tab (or go to the Group Management tab to batch process a collection of hosts).
  4. Click List All Hosts.
  5. Click the Edit icon for the host you want to configure.
  6. In the Host Menu section, click Active Directory.
  7. Select the Join Domain after image task option.
  8. Enter your Domain name (eg. mySchool.local).
  9. Enter your Organisational Unit, in LDAP format (eg. OU=Class1,OU=Curriculum,DC=mySchool,DC=local).
  10. Add the Domain Username (eg. mySchool\domainAdmin).
  11. Paste your encrypted Domain Password, that was created in the previous section.


Configuration is now complete.  The next time you image this workstation, it should join your designated OU automatically.

Note that you can also configure groups of hosts, but remember that hosts that are later added to the group will not automatically pick up the same setting.


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