Configure Windows DHCP service

fogOften you will use FOG's built in DHCP service, but if you already have a Windows domain with DHCP running, you will need to configure the Windows server to point to your FOG server for the PXE boot.  This article describes the process using Windows Server 2012.

Windows DHCP

Start by logging on to your Windows server, with an admin account.  You'll need to set options 066 and 067.

  1. Go to Administration Tools > DHCP.
  2. Expand YourDomain > IPv4 > Scope > Scope Options.
  3. Right-click in the middle pane, and choose Configure Options.
  4. Scroll to the following Option numbers, and enable them.
    1. Option 066 is the IP address of your FOG server (eg.
    2. Option 067 is the undionly.kpxe file (eg. undionly.kpxe)
  5. You might need to restart the DHCP service.


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