Create a home directory share

freeNASA share can be created that is to be used as a home directory for any users that you add to the system. This article describes how to set up home directory storage. 

Home directories

Start by logging on to FreeNAS.

  1. Start by creating a Dataset called 'home', with a share type of SMB.
    1. Next to your home Dataset, click3dots> Edit ACL.
    2. For the Default ACL options drop-down select HOME.
    3. Click SAVE.
  2. Add the Dataset as a Windows Shares (SMB).
    1. Enter a Name for the share (e.g. home).
    2. Click the checkbox to Use as a home share.
    3. Click SAVE.

Now when you create a new user and select this shared home directory, a home directory will be created, with the same name as the username (lowercase).


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