Installing FreeNAS

freeNASThis article describes the procedure for installing FreeNAS.  Start by downloading the latest version of FreeNAS and burning to a CD.  For this article I used FreeNAS 9.10.


The recommended hardware for FreeNAS include the following:

  • Minimum of 8GB memory
  • 8GB flash memory stick for the installation.
  • 3 hard drives with the same capacity, that can be used as RAID 5.
  • Ensure that your 8GB flash memory stick is configured to boot first.

Naturally you can expand these minimum requirements.



Start by booting up your server, using the newly created CD.

  1. Hit Enter to start the FreeNAS installer.
  2. Hit Enter to Install/Upgrade.
  3. Select your 8GB flash memory stick and press Enter.
  4. Press Enter to Proceed with the installation.
  5. Enter a root password.
  6. FreeNAS will now be installed, press Enter and the Reboot System.
  7. Remember to remove the CD when it's finished.

The installation might appear to hang on active set on da0, but will typically only take a few minutes to complete.


Console setup

On reboot you will be presented with a Console setup screen.

  1. Enter 1 to Configure Network Interfaces.
  2. Press 1 to select the first interface.
  3. Reset network configuration? Press n.
  4. Configure interface for DHCP? Press n.
  5. Configure IPv4? Press y
  6. Interface name: Enter nic1
  7. Enter IPv4 Address: e.g.
  8. Configure IPv6? Enter n.

Your FreeNAS server is now ready to be accessed using a browser, where you will be able to continue to make some initial configurations.


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