Documenting your printers

glpiThis article shows you how to add printers to GLPI.


Start by logging on with a Super-Admin account.  It helps if you select the correct Entity before adding new assets, but if you do create a printer in the wrong Entity, you can always Transfer it.

  1. Go to Assets > Printers.
  2. Click the + Add button.
  3. Enter as much of the following information that you have (note: you can add new drop-down items by clicking the plus symbol next to it):
    1. Name: Main printer
    2. Status:  Active
    3. Location: Staff room
    4. Type: Inkjet A4, Laser A4 
    5. Manufacturer: Kyocera
    6. Model: Utax 3206ci
    7. Serial number
    8. Ports: USB, Ethernet and Wifi
    9. Network: LAN
    10. Group in charge of the hardware: IT Support
  4. Click the + Add button

Your details will be saved, and you will be able to add another printer. You can also can document more information.

  1. Go to Assets > Printers.
  2. Click your newly created printer to open it for editing.
  3. Select the following tabs, to add further information. Note that each tab has it's own save or add button.
    1. Printer: Edit any of the information added in the previous section.
    2. Impact analysis: Create connections between different assets, to describe dependancies.
    3. Cartridges: If you've documented some cartridges, you can add them here as either in use, or worn (empty).
    4. Connections: You can connect any computers to this printer (e.g. for USB connections).
    5. Network ports: Add and connect network ports from this printer to other network devices.
    6. Management: Here you can enable financial and administrative information.
    7. Contracts: Add a contract that you've created for a leased printer for example.
    8. Documents: Upload any documentation for this printer.
    9. Knowledge base: Link an existing knowledge base item to this printer.
    10. Tickets: Add or edit any tickets associated with this printer.
    11. Problems: Add or edit a problem associated with this printer.
    12. Notes: Add any notes related to this printer.
  4. When you're finished you can click the List button (top-left) to return to the list of printers.

In the list view, click spanner to add or remove characteristics to display in the list.


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