Documenting your school

glpiOnce you have installed GLPI and made some initial configurations, you ready to start documenting your school's IT infrastructure. This article describes a methodical approach, that should help you make sure that you don't miss any vital steps.


Everything starts with Entities. So you should sort out whether you are going to have one Entity, or for example if you are part of a collection of schools, you might include child entities to represent the different schools.



User accounts will need to be created early on, especially if your users will be helping you document your infrastructure. Don't forget to make sure that users are created in the correct Entity and Group.



I typically document each room in a school as a different location.



All software that is used in your school, including operating systems and applications will need to be documented.


Network devices

Document all your network devices, including Racks, Switches and WAPs. You can create the required ports on your switches but don't worry about connecting them just yet.



Document all servers including connecting them to your switches.



Document all computers, including locations and connections to switches. You can also show installations of software.



Document all printers, including any USB printers that might be connected to computers.


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