GLPI the free IT and asset management software

glpiGLPI allows you to setup your own Helpdesk facility so that teaching staff have an easy way to report faults.  It also has asset tracking features.

This article covers the installation process.

Web server

You might want to keep this application internal only.

You will therefore need to build your own web server with the following considerations.

  • Hostname: helpdesk



    1. Upload and Extract zip glpi-0.72.21.tar.gz to your web host.
    2. Browse to the website (eg. https://helpdesk.yourdomain.local).
    3. Select your language and click OK.
    4. Read and ACCEPT the terms... and click Continue.
    5. Click Installation.
    6. Fix any adverse test results.
      1. php.ini is located /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini for an ubuntu 8.10 server.
      2. Restart the server if you make any changes.
    7. Database connection setup:
      1. Mysql server: (eg. localhost).
      2. Mysql user: (eg. root).
      3. Mysql password: yourMysqlPassword
    8. Select Create a new database...
      1. Enter a meaningful name (eg. helpdesk).
      2. Click Continue.
    9. GLPI is now installed and initialised.


    Default Login Passwords

    login password
    glpi glpi
    tech tech
    post-only postonly


    Thanks for visiting.