What is a Grandfather, Father, Son implementation?

networkThis article explains what we mean by this type of backup strategy.



A full backup of the UsersData partition, and the Sims database is initiated, with an incremental backup occurring daily (Mon-Fri). This requires the “Son” External hard drive to be permanently plugged into the Data server. It is conceivable that this drive would last 6 months to a year. When the drive is full, format and start again.



Once a week (at the weekend) a full backup the UsersData partition, and the Sims database is performed. System state for all servers is also captured at this time. This requires “Father1” and “Father2” LaCie drives to be rotated as and when they fill up.



At the end of term a full backup is performed and taken off site. This requires one of the Father drives to be renamed “GrandFather” and to be taken home. The “Father*” LaCie drive that has been removed is to be replaced with the “Grandfather” external drive that was previously off site.


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