Having a sound backup strategy

networkThe objective here is to provide a comprehensive backup strategy that is easy to manage.


Data that requires backing up

  • All user’s Home Directories
  • All user profiles
  • The Information Management database files
  • All server and workstation images
  • All IT Support files (eg AI packages, software etc…)
  • All Virtual Machines
  • Exchange Server Data
  • SharePoint Data


Adverse events that the backup will need to cover for

  • Hardware/Software failure of any server
  • Hardware/Software failure of any workstation
  • Fire/flood damage of the server room B1a


    Backing up data that changes regularly

    This includes the home directories, profiles and the information management database.

    A grandfather, father, son strategy is adopted here.

    Additionally Volume Shadow copying is implemented on Data server for the UsersData partition. This gives users the opportunity to recover their own “previous versions”.


    Backing up static data

    This is primarily images and software packages.

    At least once a term(more frequently if lots of images/packages have been created) the Images and Packages folders are backed up and taken off site.


    Test Restore

    At least once a term all the drives are to be tested to confirm that they restore successfully.

    • Exchange Server.
    • Exchange server is to be backed up daily.
    • SharePoint Data.
    • SharePoint data is to be backed up daily.


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