Building an Openfiler SAN solution

openFilerThis article describes the process of building an Openfiler SAN box.  Often you will build a SAN on physical hardware, but this article includes VMware considerations.

Hardware requirements

  • x86 or x64 based computer.
  • 512 MB Memory.
  • 1 GB storage for Openfiler software.
  • At least one NIC.


Suggested VM Setup

  • Version:  Other 2.6x Linux (32-bit)
  • 512 MB Memory
  • 2 GB hard drive for Openfiler
  • Various hard drives for storage
  • NIC attached to host-only network.



Insert Openfiler CD and boot your machine.

  1. Press Enter to install in graphical mode.
  2. Click OK to test the media  (or you can Skip this step if you prefer).
  3. Click Next on the welcome screen.
  4. Select your Keyboard layout and click Next.
  5. Select Automatically partition and click Next.
  6. Click Yes to initialise all drives (thereby deleting any data on them).
  7. Remove existing partitions if necessary and click Next.
  8. Click Next to confirm Disk Setup.
    1. If you're using the minimum of 512 MB memory, swap space will be configured immediately.
  9. Network Devices:  Click Edit.
    1. Deselect Configure using DHCP and enter your static IP address.
    2. You will now be able to add your Gateway and DNS settings.
  10. Hostname:  Select manually.
    1. Enter the hostname (eg san.itschoolexpert.local).
  11. Select your Time Zone.
  12. Select System clock uses UTC.
  13. Set Root Password.
  14. Click Next and Openfiler will be installed (takes a short while depending on resources).
  15. Reboot when finished.



Now you can configure your Openfiler SAN.


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