Joining an Active Directory domain

openFilerActive Directory domains are common in schools.  This article shows you how to take advantage of domain authentication, which is also useful when configuring quotas.  Log on to your Openfiler SAN Management console to get started.


To be sure that the SAN will look for your AD authentication server first for DNS you may need to manually set the DNS nameservers.


Join Active Directory domain

When entering the following, note the use of uppercase.

  1. Go to Accounts > Authentication.
  2. Select Use Windows domain controller and authentication.
  3. Security model:  Choose Active Directory.
  4. Domain / Workgroup:  Enter your existing domain name (eg YOURDOMAIN).
  5. Domain controllers:  Enter your dc hostname (eg AUTH.YOURDOMAIN.LOCAL).
  6. ADS realm: Enter fqdn of domain (eg YOURDOMAIN.LOCAL).
  7. Join domain:  Check the box.
  8. Administrator username:  Enter a username with Add computer to domain permissions (eg. Administrator)
  9. Administrator password:  Enter the password.
  10. Click Submit.


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