Managing snapshots with Openfiler SAN

openFilerSnapshots allow you to go back to a specific point in time.  Log on to your Openfiler SAN Management console to get started.

Calculating storage requirements

Here is an example

  • You require 100GB for the new year group (there are 100 students each with a 1GB quota).
    • In any given week the students collectively never change more than 20GB.
    • Because the students have IT once a week, you decide to snapshot once a week.
    • You would like the students to be able to recover work from upto 6 weeks ago.
    • Snapshot storage needed for the new students is 6 x 20 = 120GB.
    • Total storage for new year group is therefore 220GB.

    You can now setup your volumes allowing the right amount of space for snapshots.


    Creating snapshots

    1. Click the Volumes tab.
    2. In the Select Volume Group section choose your volume from the drop-down and click Change.
    3. Click Create in the Snapshots column.


    Schedule snapshots

    1. In the Schedule snapshots for volume... section.
    2. Enter a Size in MB(eg. 20000).
      1. If the students use more than 20GB in a particular week the snapshot will be disabled for that week.
    3. Share contents? (eg. Yes, do).
      1. Security for the snapshot is based on the access control policy for the share at the time of the snapshot.
    4. Interval in hours (eg. week = 168 hours).
    5. Rotate count (eg. 6 for 6 weeks).
    6. Click Schedule.


    One-off snapshots

    1. Enter a Snapshot name.
    2. Size in MB(eg. 20000).
      1. When the snapshot is full the volume will become read-only until more space is allocated to the snapshot.
    3. Share contents? (eg. Yes do).
    4. Click Take snapshot.


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