How to get started with ophcrack!

ophcrackophcrack is a tool that allows you to crack a Windows password.  It uses rainbow tables, and has a graphical user interface that runs on multiple platforms.

Using a Windows Server 2008 vm, I was able to crack the Administrator password in 5 minutes!

Visit the ophcrack site to find out more, and to download the latest version.

Getting started

  1. Download cd ophcrack.iso (I used the Vista version).
  2. Burn the CD if you are using physical hardware.
  3. Associate the .iso file with your virtual machine if you are using a virtualised infrastructure.
  4. Boot your machine to the CD.


First Run

On boot up, assuming that the hard disks are discoverable (I found that virtulised SCSI drives aren't for example) ophcrack will typically decrypt all local username and passwords in a matter of minutes.


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