The installation procedure for Proxmox VE

proxmoxThis article describes the procedure for installing Proxmox VE. For this article I used Proxmox VE 4.2.  It's perhaps worth noting that it is recommended not to try installing Proxmox VE on a flash memory stick.


Start by downloading the latest version from the Proxmox VE website

  1. Make sure that all hard drives are blank by using Parted Magic or gParted.
  2. Boot up the server to the CD install disk.
  3. Choose Install Proxmox VE.
  4. Click the I agree button for the EULA.
  5. Click Options and confirm selection of correct hard drive.
  6. , and click Next.
  7. Select Country (e.g. Britain (UK)).
  8. Select Time zone and Keyboard layout.
  9. Enter Password and Email address.
  10. Enter Hostname and Static Network configuration that will be accessible from your network.

This installation will now take several minutes depending on your hardware.  Click Reboot when it's finished.

You are now ready to logon to your Proxmox server and start configuring.


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