Add a new user account

proxmoxIt is a good practice to logon with a user account other than root.  This article describes the process.


Start by logging on to Proxmox.

  1. Select Datacenter in the left pane.
  2. Select the Groups tab.
  3. Click Create.
  4. In the dialog box, enter a group Name with no spaces (e.g. administrators).
  5. Enter a meaningful Comment (e.g. Main admins for this datacenter).
  6. Click Create.



  1. Select the Users tab
  2. Click Add, to bring up the Add User Dialog box.
    1. Enter a User name:
    2. Choose the Realm Proxmox VE Authentication Server.
    3. Enter and confirm the Password.
    4. Select the Group you just created.
    5. Enter the First Name, Last Name and E-Mail.
    6. Enter a Comment.
    7. Click Add.



You can allocate Groups and Users different permissions using predefined Roles.

  1. To view the different roles, select the Roles tab.
  2. Select the Permissions tab.
  3. Click Add > Group permission.
  4. Enter Path: /
  5. Select the Group you created.
  6. Select a Role (e.g. Administrator will give full control).
  7. Leave Propogate selected and click Add.

Note that you can use paths to allocate specific roles to specific types of objects.

  • Virtual machines - /vms/{vmid}
  • Storage - /storage/{storeid}
  • Pool of resources - /pool/{poolname}
  • Everything - /

Now you can logout and then login with your new user account.


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