Creating KVM Virtual Machines

proxmoxIf you want to build a Windows virtual machine or a Linux distribution that isn't available as a Container template, you will need to use KVM virtualisation.

Create VM

To create a KVM virtual machine, you must follow a wizard. For numbering conventions I like to start with a VM ID of 201 for KVM virtual machines.

  1. Click the Create VM button.
  2. Enter a VM ID (e.g. 201).
  3. Enter a meaningful Hostname (e.g. clearos-01).
  4. Choose a Resource Pool (if applicable).
  5. Choose a family of OS (e.g. Microsoft Windows XP/2003).
  6. Select an ISO image to use as a CD/DVD installation disk.
  7. Choose a QEMU image format.
  8. Leave CPU defaults.
  9. Select Max and Min Memory limits (e.g. 1024, 512).
  10. Choose the correct Bridge for this container to use.
  11. Leave the NIC Model as Intel E1000.
  12. Click Finish.

Your KVM virtual machine will typically be created in a few seconds.  At this stage you might want to add virtual hardware in the form of new hard drives or NICs.


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