Adding physical storage

proxmoxYou may need to add storage to a single node.  This is particularly useful for stand-alone installations, when you might need to increase the available storage.

Install Hardware

We will start by adding the 1TB drive to act as storage for our VMs.

  1. Start by accessing your node using SSH.
  2. Now you need to add the 1TB drive.
    1. Type is 15 (Linux filesystem).
    2. Format it as ext4.
    3. Mount it to /mnt/vms.


Proxmox configurations

Now you can configure Proxmox to use the newly added drive.

  1. Logon to Proxmox.
  2. Select Datacenter in the left pane.
  3. Select the Storage tab.
  4. Click Add > Directory.
    1. ID: vms
    2. Directory: /mnt/vms
    3. Content: Disk Image, Container template, Container.
  5. Click Add.


Note that Max backups allows you configure the number of stored backups per VM.  When you exceed this number, the oldest backup is deleted.


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