What might make up a virtual system infrastructure?

vmwareA Virtual System Infrastructure will be made up of various VM's that come together to make a complete cohesive system.  This article is a very high-level view of some of the possibilities.

Different Environments

Different environments will need different approaches but most solutions will require the following services...

  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Centralised authentication using LDAP
  • Firewall with DMZ
  • Centralised File Storage
  • Content Management System
  • Mail Services
  • Backup facility
  • Web Services
  • Remote access with Logmein


VM Names

The various VM's will need naming and therefore a good naming convention will help.  So here it is...

  • dc-01
  • fw-01
  • data-01
  • cms-01
  • mail-01


Other Naming Conventions

When naming machines using Linux always use lower-case.  In addition there are other components to consider when thinking of a naming convention and so here are some other helpers...

  • Domain Name is vs-01.local
  • root password:  xxxxxxx
  • steven password:  xxxxxxx


Building order

Build order is important to ensure that all machines have the necessary access to any needed services as they come online.

  1. Install switches (these will either be physical or virtual)
  2. dc-01 (includes LDAP, DHCP, DNS all in one.  These roles can later be split up for  performance enhancements if required, and/or duplicated to dc-02, dc-03 etc)
  3. fw-02 (Second firewall to further protect the enterprise)
  4. fw-01 (Smoothwall express 3.0 with a DMZ)
  5. data-01 (Join it to the domain created on dc-01)
  6. WinXP-01 (Also join it to the domain)
  7. RH-01 (Red Hat Workstation joined to the domain)
  8. UB-01 (Ubuntu workstation joined to the domain)
  9. XUB-01 (Xubuntu workstation joined to the domain)
  10. Vista-01 (Vista workstation joined to the domain)
  11. backup-01 (used to backup all servers)
  12. zenoss-01 (monitoring server)
  13. db-01 (database server)
  14. iweb-01 (internal web server)
  15. icms-01 (internal Content Management Server)
  16. mail-01 (mail server in the DMZ)
  17. web-01 (web server in the DMZ)
  18. cms-01 (Content Management Server in the DMZ)


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