Installing VMware Tools

vmwareWhen you build a new virtual machine (vm) you will get greatly enhanced video and mouse performance if you install VMware Tools and in most instances this is essential.

I used ESXi for this article, but the routine is similar in other VMware products.



  1. Launch a Virtual Machine Console.
  2. Log on to the vm using an administrator account.
  3. From the Console menu choose VM > Guest > Install/Upgrade VMware Tools.
  4. Click OK to the Install VMware Tools dialog box.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose Custom and make any changes that you need.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Click Yes to set hardware acceleration level for video.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Click No to restart (see below).
  11. Read and close the Notepad window.
  12. In the Display Properties dialog box...
  13. Click Advanced.
  14. Select the Troubleshoot tab.
  15. Drag the Hardware acceleration slider to Full.
  16. Click OK and OK again.
  17. Now restart the server.


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