Creating a snapshot of your virtual machine

vmwareWhen building new virtual machines (vms) you will find it helpful to take periodic snapshots for various reasons.  This article describes the process.


Why create a snapshot

A common use of snapshots is when installing new software.  It's a great idea to snapshot your system first, and then install the software.  This way if the installation goes wrong you can quickly return to the exact state just before the install.

Another snapshot technique is to build a base install of a Windows XP client, deploy the InstallRite software, and snapshot it.  You now have a very quick and easy way to create InstallRite snapins (you can just keep returning to the same snapshot!).


Creating a snapshot


  1. Start the vSphere Client and log on to your ESXi server.
  2. Browse to the vm in the left pane.
  3. Go to Inventory > Virtual Machine > Snapshot > Take Snapshot.


Snapshot of the memory state

It's sometimes preferable to shutdown a vm prior to taking the snapshot, as this reduces space taken up on your storage by the memory snapshot.


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