Setting up iSCSI storage

vmwareIf you've installed an iSCSI SAN, this article shows you how to connect your ESXi server to the SAN and start using it for vm storage.



  1. Select your ESXi server in the vSphere client and go to Configuration > Hardware > Networking.
  2. Click Add Networking...
    1. Select VMKernel.
    2. Choose the appropriate NIC.
    3. Label it iSCSI.
    4. Enter an IP address.
    5. Click Finish.


Storage Adapters

  1. Go to Configuration > Hardware > Storage Adapters.
  2. Select the iSCSI Software Adapter.
  3. Click Properties...
  4. Select the Dynamic discovery tab, and click Add...
    1. Enter the IP address for your iSCSI SAN and click CHAP.
    2. In the CHAP (target authenticates host) section.
    3. Deselect Inherit from parent.
    4. Enter the username and password that you set on your SAN.

HBAs will now refresh.



  1. Go to Configuration > Hardware > Storage.
  2. Click Add Storage...
    1. Select Disk/LUN.
    2. Select the iSCSI disk that you've just created.
    3. Click Next to create a new partition.
    4. Enter a Datastore name.
    5. You can leave Maximise capacity selected.
    6. Click Finish.


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