Installing MAMP on your Mac OS X workstation

webServerToolsMAMP is an anachronym for Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP.  Once installed it allows you to develop websites directly on your Mac, without purchasing Web Hosting.  This article aims to get you started.

Visit the MAMP site for more information.


  1. Start by visiting the site and downloading the latest version.
  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file.
  3. Double-click the extracted .dmg file.
  4. Drag the MAMP folder into you Applications folder.
  5. To start MAMP, double-click /Applications/MAMP/MAMP


Tip for a Joomla installation

With the latest version of MAMP using MySQL 5.5 you may find the following tip useful.

  1. In a text editor open /Installation/sql/mysql/joomla.sql
  2. Replace all the TYPE=MyISAM with ENGINE=MyISAM entries.


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