How to install Xibo Digital Signage

xiboXibo Digital Signage has been developed as a client / server model.

Xibo is an open-source project which means you can download the latest version for free.

Installation of the Server

The server is a web server, and having a web server as the platform means that you could build your own on-site LAMP server for each separate site, or you can use your internet web server to allow a single Digital Signage program to be published across various sites, giving you a consistent "corporate image".  Investigate web hosting for more information.

  1. Create a MySQL database (eg called Xibo) and create an admin user.
  2. Create an appropriate sub domain (eg
  3. Download icon (2.1 MB)
  4. Extract the zip file on your web host.
  5. Browse to and follow the wizard.


Installation of the client

The client is currently only available for a Windows XP workstation (work is underway to develop a Linux client).

  1. Build a Windows XP workstation.
  2. Download icon xibo-client-1.0.3-win32-x86.msi (2.0 MB)
  3. Right-click the downloaded file and choose Install.
  4. Follow the wizard.


    What next?

    Once installation is complete take a look at icon Xibo Getting Started (1.03 MB) to see what to do next.


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