Create Alerting Rules

zenossWhen an event is reported to Zenoss it is examined against alerting rules to see if the event warrants an alert.

Create an alerting rule

  1. Go to Management > Settings.
  2. Select the Users tab.
  3. Click the UserId who needs to receive this alert.
  4. Select the Alerting Rules tab.
  5. From the Alerting Rules table menu, select Add Alerting Rule.
    1. Enter a meaningful Name (eg. Send email on error or worse) and click OK.
  6. Click the newly created rule.
    1. Delay: (eg. 0)
    2. Enabled: Select True.
    3. Action: Select email.
    4. Address:  Enter an address if you want to overide this user's email address.
    5. Where:  Leave as default.
    6. Click Save.


Test your new rule

You can create a "dummy" event to test this rule.

  1. Go to Classes > Events.
  2. Select the Events tab.
  3. From the page menu, click Add Event...
    1. Message:  Enter a message (eg. This is a test event).
    2. Device:  Enter one of the devices that you've added.
    3. Severity:  Select Critical.
    4. Event Class:  Select /.
    5. Click OK.


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