Building a Debian GNU/Linux workstation

debian4Here we are going to go through the process of building a Debian workstation using Debian 5.0.



  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Boot your machine to the CD.
  3. Choose Install and press enter.
  4. Choose your language...
  5. Country...
  6. and keyboard.
  7. Choose hostname...
  8. and domain name (eg debian, yourdomain.local).
  9. Select a partitioning method (Guided - use entire disk).
  10. Select the appropriate disk.
  11. Choose a partitioning scheme ("Separate /home, /usr, /var, and /tmp partitions" provides some extra stability).
  12. Write the changes to disk.
  13. Choose and confirm your root password.
  14. Enter your full name.
  15. Accept the default username and create your password.
  16. Select your Country's mirror site and enter proxy details if needed.
  17. Participate in the package usage survey?.  Yes or No.


Software Selection

You can now choose from different collections of software to install to perform various services as follows:

  • Desktop environment
  • Web server
  • Print server
  • DNS server
  • File server
  • Mail server
  • SQL server
  • Laptop
  • Standard System
  1. As we are building a desktop workstation we'll choose Desktop environment and Standard System.
  2. Debian will now retrieve the required files and install your system.
  3. Choose Yes for a default Grub boot installation, and continue.


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