This may be the world's smallest Linux!

linux-penguinTiny Core Linux weighs in at about 10MB.  It is a fully functional 2.6.26 kernel with the JWM window manager.  This is a fast linux!

There is a sibling called Micro Linux at 6MB, for a shell prompt only.

Using a vm with 128 MB ram, Tiny Core booted up in under 10s and Micro Core was under 8s!

Visit the Tiny Core Linux site to find out more, and to download the latest version.

Getting started

  1. Download cd Tiny Core Linux.iso or cd Micro Core Linux.iso and burn a CD.
  2. Boot your hardware to the CD.
  3. Press Enter to begin.
  4. Boot to desktop in lightening quick time!



Now to add some applications.

  1. Right-click on the desktop and choose Appbrowser.
  2. Click Connect > TCE.
  3. Select an application from the left panel (eg opera.tce).
  4. Click Install.

Your new application will now be available in the dock, or by right-clicking > Applications.


Opera, Terminal and Ace of Penguins > Minesweeper


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