Linux Mint - from freedom came elegance

linux-penguinLinux Mint is derived from Ubuntu.  It includes proprietary drivers and applications that make it easier to use out of the box!


Visit the Linux Mint site to find out more, and to download the latest version.


  1. Download cd Linux Mint 7 (697 MB) and burn a CD from the ISO file.
  2. Boot your workstation to the CD.
  3. Double-click the Install icon on the desktop.
  4. Choose your language and click Forward.
  5. Choose your Time Zone and click Forward.
  6. Select your keyboard settings.
  7. Prepare disk space:  Use the entire disk.
  8. Enter your Name, Username, Password and a name for this workstation (eg. linux-mint-01)
  9. Click Install (WARNING: This will now wipe the hard drive on this machine).



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