Using Etcher to create bootable memory sticks

appleIf you want to install Linux on a USB stick, Etcher can help. This article shows how to do this with Mac OSX, but the steps will be similar for Windows and Linux.

Install Etcher

Start by installing Etcher.

  1. Browse to
  2. Download the version for Mac OSX.
  3. Run the downloaded .dmg file.
  4. Drag balenaEtcher to your Applications folder.


Prepare your memory stick

Before using your memory stick, and to reduce the chance of strange errors, I recommend removing all partitions. I use GParted, but you can use whatever partition manager you prefer. You can install GParted on Ubuntu.


Run Etcher

Now you can simply run Etcher in three steps.

  1. Choose Flash from file and browse to your .iso file for any Linux OS.
  2. Select your USB memory stick from the Select target options.
  3. Click Flash! button.


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